Math and Computer Science Tutoring

About Me

I am Benjamin Schreyer, a rising senior at BCC High School.I enjoy learning about STEM with a focus on computer science and physics. During my time in middle and high school I took on various personal projects related to subjects such as robotics, math, and web development while also challenging myself in school with STEM classes. I have experience as a personal tutor teaching programming. I enjoy teaching others because it benefits the students and really tests me on my knowledge of a subject. The details below should serve to showcase areas where I can be of help to your students as they become more proficient in STEM with some fun along the way.


I have completed all the standard math courses for middle and high school students. I feel confident tutoring students taking any class up to and including Algebra 2. I can create lessons that expand on and review math learned in the previous school year or prepare and introduce students to math they will learn in the next year. Programming is an extension of math and as a result learning new math can be complemented with programming exercises and vice versa.

Computer Science

Programming has applications in many subject areas from making a dynamic website to controlling a robot. Below I have listed programming languages I know well and some common applications of these languages. Students can choose to learn a language and apply it to a project we design together based on their skill level or just learn a language and the funadmentals of math and computer science needed to write programs.

Obviously this is not an exhaustive list of programming languages or the interesting programs we can write. If your child has interest in a subject area not listed, I will adapt their personal learning profile to include a tailored programming language to complement the subject matter and we can individualize projects to meet their needs.


My email address is if you are interested in tutoring(Tutoring will be remote until public health organizations lift reccomendations). Scheduling is flexible and price is negotiable.